Under Stairs Toilets & Down Stairs Toilets

Make good use of all of the available space in your home and see what a difference an under stairs toilet can make to you and your family. At Home Healthcare Adaptations we can help you plan and execute the necessary details needed to maximise your understairs space.

The Benefits of an Under Stairs Toilet

Having converted so many under stairs spaces over the years for our clients, we have noticed that it is very common for older and smaller homes with three bedrooms or less to have one bathroom, typically located on the upper level of the house. While this might suit a younger healthy couple, or students, many families want to plan for older age by adding a downstairs toilet in the event that their fitness levels and health might decline as they age. Even for young families with young children, having a toilet facility on the ground floor can make life much easier.

Understairs Toilet

Downstairs Toilet

Changing the Understairs into a Downstairs Toilet

At Home Healthcare Adaptions, we take all of the conversion considerations into account, so you don’t have to. For example, we will be able to advise if your understairs area is suitable enough to allow the fitting of a window for ventilation, or whether installing an extractor fan or vent is more viable.

We take our customers’ height measurements into account in terms of estimating how much headroom will be necessary and work out the toilet and sink sizes that will fit into the space accordingly.

You need not to worry about plumbing as we will look after all connections of your toilet and handwash basin to your home sewage system. We will also advise on the type of understairs toilet that is best and what type of hand rail or grab rail, if needed. If our customer is elderly or disabled, we take all of this into consideration when recommending the best option for our individual customers’ needs.

Samples of our work in this area:

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