Grants for the Elderly

The Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People and People with a Disability are available to help older people and people with a disability living in a privately-owned home. These grants are used to carry out works to make the property more suitable for the person with a disability who is a member of the household.

All applications for grant aid under the Housing Adaptation Grants Scheme are assessed based on household means. To be considered eligible for a grant, you must:

We recommend that you have a clear service charges account when applying for a Housing Adaptation Grant to ensure the payment of any grant is not affected.

Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability

This grant is for people with a physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual disability. It can be used for works such as:

Your home can qualify for this grant if it is one of the following:

Mobility Aids Grant

This grant is for older people and/or people with a disability who find it hard to move around their home. It aims to fast track grant aid to cover a variety of works to address mobility issues such as:

Your home can qualify for this grant if it is one of the following:

Upon receipt of the application, the local authority may request an assessment from an occupational therapist (OT). The average cost of a private OT report is €250 of which the Council will give you €200 for the cost of this report.

Housing Aid for Older People Grant

This grant is available to assist people aged 66 years or older who are living in poor housing conditions to carry out essential repairs or improvements so that they can continue to live in their own home such as:

Your home can qualify for this grant if it is one of the following:

How much is the grant for?

It depends. The grant covers some of the cost of the work needed, but not all of it. The amount of money you get depends on your household income for the previous tax year. You need to supply this information on this form on page 14. There are some disregards and deductions that can reduce the amount of household income that your local authority takes into account. These are explained on page 8 of the application form.

The most you can get is €30,000 or 95% of the total cost of the work approved by your local authority (whichever is less).

Note: A grant is not available if the household income is more than €60,000, after the disregards and deductions are applied.

If you and the people in your household earn €60,000 or less, after the disregards and deductions are applied, you can read the table below for information on how much of a grant you can get.

Yearly household income Percentage of costs Maximum grant for homes built more than 12 months ago Maximum grant for homes built within the last 12 months
Up to €30,000 95% €30,000 €14,500
€30,001 – €35,000 85% €25,500 €12,325
€35,001 – €40,000 75% €22,500 €10,875
€40,001 – €50,000 50% €15,000 €7,250
€50,001 – €60,000 30% €9,000 €4,350
Over €60,000 No grant payable No grant payable No grant payable

The following payments from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection are not considered in assessing your household income:

There are also two types of deductions that reduce the amount of household income considered:

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