Do you have a spare bedroom that remains unused? Perhaps your children have all grown up and moved out? Perhaps you live alone? Would you love to have a fully functional large bathroom designed around your particular needs? We can turn any room, whether it is upstairs or down stairs, into your dream bathroom. You might think that to convert a bedroom to a bathroom is out of your reach, but why not talk to us today to discuss all of the options? You could be very pleasantly surprised.

The Cost to Convert a Bedroom to a Bathroom

When discussing the costs to convert a bedroom to a bathroom for a client, we will always work within the budget our clients can afford and advise accordingly. We work with our clients to ensure that what they want comes to life. When we first meet with a client we discuss their individual requirements and bathroom expectations. For example, do they want a double shower, or a single tray shower unit? Are radiators and heated towel racks a priority for them, or solely if their budget allows? Do they want their bathroom to be design-led for aesthetic purposes, or very functional? Are they concerned about their health dwindling as they get older? Do they want to take this into account when they decide to convert a spare bedroom to a new bathroom?

The Value of Turning a Bedroom into a Bathroom

Turning a bedroom into a bathroom can really make a difference to your home. In some cases, they can even influence the re-sell value of your house, especially if you only had one bathroom to begin with. To find out more about what we can do for you, why not contact us today.
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