Disability affects one in ten people worldwide, with one in five of the world’s poorest citizens being affected by disability. Half of all disabled people cannot afford healthcare, despite needing it most, whereas one in every three non-disabled people can afford healthcare.

This spring the Young Adults Institute International Conference will be held tackling the theme of ‘Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – Designing the Future’ in New York City. The event which runs from the 28th of April to the 1st of May sees Vice President of Worldwide Innovation for Pfizer, Wendy Mayer, take to the stage to discuss the future for those with disabilities.

In Canada this summer The International Summit on Accessibility 2014 takes place in Ontario. The conference will explore the theme of ‘Making it Happen: From Intention to Action’ and highlight advancements in technology assisting those affected by disability. Later this year the International Short Break Conference will be held in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. The conference focuses on inclusion, best practice, respite as a right, support for the carer and the cared for, demographic changes, plus social capital and cost benefits. It runs from the 9th to the 11th of September.

With four out of every five disabled people in low and middle income countries being unable to access assistive devices and technology, it is a crucial period to be informed about the issues surrounding disability and the advancements in technology which will alter lives.

The Disability Conferences Around the World in 2014 You Need to Attend, An Infographic
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