Home Healthcare Adaptations have a wide range of handrails including grab rails and drop down rails. All of our bathroom handrails provide support, assurance and peace-of-mind for both the user and the user’s loved ones.

Home Healthcare Adaptations supply Handrails, Grab Rails/Bars and Drop Down Rails. For Bathroom Grab Rails and Bathroom Handrails, call Home Healthcare Adaptations

Why Install Grab Rails?

Bathroom grab rails are installed to provide support to the disabled or to the elderly person. This might include:

  • Helping them to pull against or push when standing up.
  • Providing them with a steady support when sitting down.
  • Assuring them of a firm grip when moving from one position to another.
  • Helping them balance when walking, standing up or dressing themselves.

Most bathroom grab rails are attached to the wall, but floor to ceiling rails can also be used. The type of bathroom handrails required will depend upon the situation and the hand or arm strength of the person. A helpful combination is a mix of vertical and horizontal rails.

Types of bathroom handrails

When choosing bathroom handrails, there are a number of types to consider:

  • Straight Rails
  • Angled Rails
  • Right Angled Rails
  • Floor to Ceiling Rails
  • System Rails

What are Drop Down Rails Used for?

These types of handrails are best used when a grab bar cannot be fixed to a wall or in the case where space is an issue. These rails may be fixed to the wall at the back of the toilet, or mounted on a floor-fixed console, if the supporting wall is not strong enough.

Samples of our work in this area: